Hello world!

Today we started a support page for helping to publish the information MT Keshe from the Keshe foundation gave to mankind on an USB stick.

The Stardust Innovations understands itself as a group of researchers, whose purpose is to get new technologies into existence for the best of mankind and planet earth.

The Stardust Innovations is not a company, which can be attacked physically as so much of researchers in the field of free energy, which tried to make profit from the new technologies. It is more a concept outside the system of duality. It is more a concept of spirit, because spirit is the master over the physical universe, which is represented by space, energy, matter and time.

The Stardust Innovations understands itself as a symbolic flag to unite the effort of technological, cultural, oeconimical innovations in the sence of the new golden age. It is a call to all independent researchers and one men fighters to unite their effort and share their knowledge. This can be done on this platform or on many other platforms.

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