Interesting anouncement QEG

Today we have found an interesting anouncement from a group, who releases the material and technology for building a “Quantum Energy Generator” as open source. We have not tested the design, but we support the effort to open source the technology.

The group is called Fix the world.

We hope, many people will review the information and start the production of the generator. So far as i understand, the generator is a resonance machine derived from the work and patents of Tesla. The design is scalable from 10kW to 50kW output or bigger. For the startup it needs an external source of power for bringing the generator into the resonance area. After having reached the resonance area the generator runs by itself and the external source of power can be unplugged.

The first step would be to establish researchgroups in every country. These groups should share their experiences and support each other with the production of special parts for the generator. Building this generator needs on the first look certain experience in mechanics and electrics.

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