Keshe Material

This page contains a link to the materials of MT Keshe, who donated his patents and his work to the mankind on 15 March 2014 as you can see from his post in his forum.

Here you can download the 17 parts of the RAR file, which contains th data on the USB-stick, Keshe gave to the governments in 2012.

Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5, Part6, Part7, Part8, Part9, Part10, Part11, Part12, Part13, Part14, Part15, Part16, Part17

Please download the data but respect the spirit and intention of MT Keshe to use the data in a responsible way for improving the whole mankind.

We have found another file, an iso, from another source.


The work was free so keep it free.


3 thoughts on “Keshe Material”

    1. I have got them. from the onedrive source, before the one drive went online, and 2 of them from a person, who downloaded them before.

      If you have information about other sources or the content of the original USB stick, this would help. I am aware of the fact, that the content should be verified against the original stick, but Keshe released the original stick only to the governments with the known result.

      So it is possible, that the taiwanesian group received wrong data. This is a common technology of governments to compromise unwanted things and technologies. The best solution would be, MT Keshe would release an official version of the stick to the public. Then we can be assured, that the information are valid.

      With love

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